Website Builder Automation

Create My Sites is a website builder for webhosting industry, it's the easiest Website Builder ever!

Let your customers build a website in just 5 minutes, without any coding knowledge.

The most simple start-up

"Turnkey Builder" - With our Installation service you get it all ready to work for you. Do you want to install it yourself? Never easier!

Spend less time

This is really easy and automated, all you really need to do is start and share it with your current and new customers!

You'll get Admin Area to track customers' installations and do your "admin" job. This was never so easy!

Free or not - you earn a lot!

Do it easy - just offer Free Website Builder, and advertise it on your website. This will bring new customers to your business and ensure your current customers you're a good choice!

As easy as never before!

Your customers will definately love it! Let them build a free website in 3 easy steps, in less than 5 minutes!

Absolutely no coding knowledge required, the most intuitive interface on earth!

Key Features

Easy and intuitive, 3-step installation process, make website building fun for your customers!

Clean and modern user's Admin Area, so user can manage his new website easily

cPanel Integration

and fully compatible with any other control panel!

Responsive Templates

Quickly and effortlessly generate your own responsive template

SMS Indegration

We indegrate SMS in to your website

Visual HTML Editor

No knowledge required, website edit process as easy as sending an email!

DMMT Architecture

We include Don't Make Me Think Architecture in your website

Hundreds of Templates available!

Unique templating system, incredibly easy to develop - 1 html file! Over 130 templates come with default package, over 250 templates come with "Extra Templates" pack.

Over 380 templates and counting! With our easy template system you can edit or add your own templates easily, you can remove any templates if you don't want them!

Preview Templates

As soon as customer create his website, all files, including customer's template are located on his own FTP account - what mean, he can not only modify his template but also create his own template

You can offer additional services to your customers - custom template design.

Designing new templates is very easy - template is just 1 html file!

PRO Version Available!

Most of your customers will be happy to use basic Create My Sites builder, but what about these who need more features?

Include additional product to your offer - Upgrades to PRO version! Each CreateMySites website can be easily upgraded to PRO, we even provide commercial upgrade pack - set of files, which you can upload to your server and forward your users there. Software will charge upgrade fee (accepting PayPal payments) and send all upgrade info to your customer's email. Compare versions

Upgrade process is almost automated - all your customer need to do is re-type his website access data and his new, PRO key code!

What comes with PRO? Better, "lightbox" gallery, shopping cart (with online payments) and a lot of additional modules - newsletter, drag & drop form builder, blog, reservation module, multi-contents, password protected pages and many more!

As a reseller, you can order more PRO licenses at a time to get better pricing - from $9.95/license - recommended upgrade price for final user is $99, but you can set your own pricing or even offer upgrades for free!

Our Other Products

We're online since 2004, there is a lot of interesting products we can provide! Some of them are related to Webhosting Business - as CreateMySites, but you can find more products too!

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