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Are you a webhost? Add CreateMySites to your offer, so all your customers can use website builder for free!

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Current Version

Add CreateMySites software to your offer, so your customers can create their and manage their websites as easy as never before!

$9.95/month per server, allows you (and your clients) to install unlimited websites on licensed server-IP. Optionally, it can be upgraded to PRO version for $999/server. Pricing (from $6.95/month) depends on pre-pay period, more months you pre-pay, better per-server price you get!

If you have huge number of servers, feel free to contact us for individual pricing!

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Do you have more servers? It doesn't mean you need multiple installations - CreateMySites will be installed on 1 of your servers, and from that location, can install websites to all servers you have in license.

Is the price negotiable? Sure! If you own big number of servers, we can negotiate special pricing.

Do you need any specific modifications? Contact us, we will advise or quote development process.

PRO Version

While most of your customers will be happy with basic website builder, some may need more features - you can offer upgrading PRO version to these customers

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